Translations and interpretations

Amadeus Consulting Group is your ideal partner for translations and interpretations services. We provide linguistic solutions which guarantee unlimited access to communication and which contribute to your international success.

Te-grabesti? Suna-ne

Our services are intended for companies as well as for physical persons

We provide a complete range of translation and interpretation services, beginning with taking over your original documents, assigning them to a translator specialized in your particular field of activity, followed by a final check-up by the project manager and then handing over the translated document, all in the time frame requested by the client.

Our partners use Amadeus Consulting Group’s translation and interpretation services because they are sure that each part of the project will be treated with professionalism and confidentiality.

Our main goal is to establish a long-term relationship with our partners allowing them to reach local, national and international objectives providing professional translations of the highest quality which can reflect the communication needs.

Amadeus Consulting Group is at your service helping you to overcome linguistic barriers, enabling you to send a clear message and to facilitate communication.

Medical Translations

90 per cent of our activity is oriented towards translations from the medical field, rigorously implementing the NMA and EMEA requests.

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Legalized Translations

The legalization service can be performed only for documents translated by translators authorized by the Ministry of Justice. Only translations of official, original documents can be legalized.

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Authorized translations

Are the translations performed by an authorized translator. These documents bear the stamp and signature of the authorized translator.

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